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No. Simply forward your lines whenever you need us, and we'll take it from there.

We're happy to give you a local or toll-free number to advertise however you wish.

Not at all! You're free to change at any time. We work with your schedule, not vice versa.

We can patch calls wherever you like, be it the phone in your living room or your on call's cell.

You can log into the online web portal to check your usage at any time! Check under the Reports tab to find out how many minutes you've used. You can also call or email us to check any details related to your plan.

Every live answer plan comes with a suite of business tools including: appointment setting, CRM integration, and more.

Once you have your account approved, you will be able to download and activate BostelCRM app on your mobile device and get access to your messages wherever you are.

You can e-mail Client Services at support@bostel.com . Please include your Account Number.

Our Customer Relationship Management system recognizes the dedicated number we assign to you and routes that call to the appropriate team skillset. The Business Support Associate answering the call then focuses 100% of his or her attention on your account and the client calling.

That depends on how many calls you receive and how long each call lasts. We charge most of our clients on a usage (or per minute) basis. Our Sales or Account Executive team works with you to estimate how many minutes you will use based on the number of calls you receive each day and how long we need to spend working for each average interaction. We then recommend an appropriate monthly plan. We also have a dedicated staffing option for those accounts that need staff exclusively assigned to work on their account. Billing works differently for dedicated staff.

Usage charges are calculated and billed on a calendar month basis, based upon In-call minute usage. You don't have to pay for 24 hour staffing, you only pay for customer time when the calls are answered by our system to the time we finish work on your behalf.

You simply fill out a service agreement and we have you up and running in just a couple days.

During account interview, our Client Services team follows our pre-customized block script and asks many questions about your business during account set-up that we input into our Customer Relationship Management system that is stored on our internal databases. Every Business Support Associate will be able to see that information when he or she answers a call for you. Additionally, we hire and train multiple industry-specific customer care teams that deliver an extra level of expertise for our customers.
If you need us to create a complicated script, we may charge an additional fee for it.

Yes! Any calls related to your business will be answered using your own business name, as well as the language to be used, following all script defined upon creating your account.

Bostel auto attendant will answer the calls according to what we have under your account information, which is defined upon subscribing to our services. During your account setup process, we ask you how you want our Bostel agents to handle the calls; English or Spanish. Then, we assign you a number that then rings right through to Bostel Communications' Network Operations Center (NOC). Or, you call forward your existing local telephone number to a telephone number we assign to you.

Bostel offers a free auto attendant system for our Media Answer Services clients. The attendant is designed to handle your calls in the language of choice than directs your clients and or prospects to English or Spanish speaking agents. The settings are based on all accrued information provided by you during your account interview and configured on our systems.

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